Wednesday, August 12, 2015

VW Florida LT31

Found this pic off the NET. Looks like an old article from the 90's.  So cute!

Nova Scotia August 2015

Back from an amazing Nova Scotia holiday! Jason and I were chasing rainbows on our anniversary on our way to Meat Cove! It was a long drive but worth it to go back to beautiful Cape Breton Island! We saw rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, and the most beautiful landscape/oceanscapes! Jason rented an airplane to see the sights from up above! We met new friends on our travels, and ended our vacation with the best VW Bus crew at Buses of the Corn! 

Pictures posted backwards...Ok not just Backwards totally messed up!  This program is not easy to shuffle pictures so....
Jason piloting over Minas Basin

Buses of the Corn

Met new Germany friends!

Flying by 5 islands

The airplane we rented

Rainbow again!


5 islands

Rainbow above the Truro Airport

Bus seeing the sights of the Cabot trail

Cabot trail

Meat Cove Sunrise

Meat Cove Sunrise

Meat Cove Sunrise

Meat Cove Office

We made it to Cape Breton

Cabot trail!

Meat Cove 

Meat Cove 

Double rainbow New Brunswick

New Brunswick
New Brunswick